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District Goals for 2016-2017
Click on a goal below to view its action plan and the initiatives mapped out to help realize that goal this year.
You can also click here to view a presentation about our District Goals given at the Board of Education meeting on September 19, 2016 by Mrs. Radulic, Superintendent of Roxbury Public Schools.

Student Achievement/Professional Development    Facilities & Finance/
Safety & Security
  Culture & Climate / Community   Roxbury Reimagined

Goal 1:  Student Achievement/Professional Development
To enhance an active, inclusive, and multifaceted learning experience that maximizes each student’s potential and empowers individual achievement.

Action Plan for Goal 1:

Goal 2:  Facilities & Finance/Safety & Security
Create a safe, economically viable, friendly atmosphere for students, staff and community members equipped to inspire all learners to achieve their potential.

Action Plan for Goal 2:

Goal 3:  Culture & Climate / Community
Foster an inclusive and collaborative culture and climate with internal and external stakeholders through increased communication.

Action Plan for Goal 3:

Goal 4:  Roxbury Reimagined
Repurpose 2,500+square feet of space in the district to enhance opportunities for students to connect education with preparation for the workforce.

Action Plan for Goal 4:

District Goals Presentation