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    Preparing the children of today for tomorrow... 
    The Roxbury Township Public Schools, a dynamic and thriving district, in partnership with a supportive and collaborative community, inspires and empowers all learners to flourish as ethical and global citizens in the 21st century.
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    REMINDER: If no snow days are used on or before, Thursday, February 11th, the Roxbury Township Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, February 16th. To review the district calendar visit


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    There have been a lot of accusations being tossed around about the Roxbury Board of Education: we don’t care about our teachers, we don’t respect our teachers, we took way too long to respond to the REA, we were never ready to bargain and always held things up, and now we’re breaking the gag order. All not true. Because the Memorandum of Agreement was signed, there is no longer a gag order. Because of that, let us start at the beginning with the history of this negotiations process and share the true facts.


    Since March 2014, representatives of the Roxbury Township Board of Education (Board) began negotiating with representatives of the Roxbury Education Association (Association) in an attempt to reach an agreement on the contract which expired on June 30, 2014. Even though this contract “expired”, everyone continues to receive their full salaries and benefits with no interruption and no reduction in salary or any benefit received. During the course of negotiations, the Board and Association’s representatives have met six times. Each negotiations session lasted at least two hours. In addition, there were two mediation sessions and several fact-finding sessions. These lasted a lot longer than 2 hours, some all night. 

    On October 6, 2015 the parties came to an agreement with the assistance of a fact finder, subject to the parties reaching agreement on salary guides. Although agreement was reached on the salary guides for the secretaries, the para-professionals, and building & grounds, agreement was not reached on the teacher’s salary guides. 

    Up to this point, the Board refrained from public comment in order to allow the negotiations process to continue unimpeded by external factors. However, recently, the inability to come to agreement on the distribution of increases on the teachers’ salary guides has left the Board with no choice but to speak out. 


    The Association’s proposed teacher’s salary guide -  

    • salary increases ranging from $1,644 to $16,139, or 3.12% to 20.47% per teacher over three years.
    • teacher increases vary from 1.04% to 6.825% per year.

    The Board’s proposed teacher’s salary guide -  

    • salary increases ranging from $3,906 to $7,561 per teacher, or 7.69% per teacher over three years.
    • teacher increases of 2.5% each year for each teacher or 7.69% over three years. 


    The Board remains committed to educational excellence by attracting and retaining outstanding educators and supporting a positive culture for our teachers. The Board did not accept the teacher’s guide proposed by the Association because of the disparity in salary increases among teachers, particularly teachers on the early steps of the salary guide. The salary guides proposed by the Board provide salary increases which are consistent with the overall salary increase agreed to by the parties and which provide equitable salary increases for all teachers.  The guides proposed by the Board provide the following:

    1. At the end of three years, the starting salary and the highest salary paid to teachers is higher with the Board’s proposed guides; 
    1. The cost of increment for the Board’s proposed guides remains at 1.86% for the term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is the current rate of increment. This provides the ability to distribute increases across the guide in a more equitable fashion; 
    1. The three year cumulative increase across the guide is approximately 7.69% at each step. Each teacher receives 7.69% over the three years or 2.5% per year; 
    1. Approximately 244 of 375 teachers (65% of the total) receive higher increases with the Board’s proposed guides than with the Association’s proposed guides; and 
    1. There are three (3) additional steps in the teachers’ salary guides which allow 89 teachers (23.78% of the total) to receive over twice as large an increase (between $6,477 and $7,561) in the Board’s guides as the teachers received in the Association’s guides ($3,000).

    Why additional steps? Once you reach the top of the guide, there is no place to go. Adding one step each year provides a larger increase to those teachers at the top steps. Doing this allows for equitable increases going forward and reduces the cost of increment. Each negotiations, the cost of increment is subtracted from the agreed upon percentage increase. When the cost of increment is lower, the increase to each step’s salary can be higher.


    The Board has been trying since early December to schedule a meeting of both committees to reach a compromise on the teacher’s salary guides. After the Board read a statement at their Jan. 25th meeting, the Association’s president suggested re-engaging the fact finder rather than our two groups meeting to compromise. This would necessitate waiting until the fact finder is available.

    The Board has and will continue to work with its teachers in good-faith to foster mutual and continuous respect. The Board recognizes and appreciates its teachers and in our salary guides seek to treat all teachers fairly and equitably. We strive to provide an Agreement which does not negatively impact that commitment. 

    During this time, teachers continue to receive their full salaries and benefits. There is no interruption and no reduction in salary or any benefit received by our teachers. The Board is seeking to put in place the increases agreed to in the fall, but these increases should apply equitably across all steps on the salary guide. 

    Respectfully Submitted by:

    The Roxbury Board of Education 

    Salary Comparison Between Two Fourth Grade Teachers

    Association's Proposed Salary Guides

    Board's Proposed Salary Guides


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  • Kindergarten Registration 2016-2017

    Kindergarten registration for Roxbury Township School District for 2016-2017, begins in March.  More information on registration dates for each school can be found here.


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  • RHS Performing Arts presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast

    The Roxbury High School Performing Arts spring musical is this March! This year's show is Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

    Reserve your seats now by clicking here to download the ticket reservation form.


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  • Facilities Usage Request Form
    The Facilities Usage Request Form can be found under the District Offices and Buildings & Grounds page.

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Who We Are

  • Map of Roxbury NJ Our district is located in Morris County, approximately 36 miles west-northwest of New York City, 12.8 miles west-northwest of Morristown, New Jersey and 26 miles east of the Delaware Water Gap on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Approximately 23,000 residents in the towns of Landing, Lower Berkshire Valley, Kenvil, Succasunna, Ledgewood, and Port Morris, live within the district’s 22-square mile boundary. Students who live in Mt. Arlington, and parts of Wharton and Flanders send their students to attend High School in Roxbury. 

    In 2011, Roxbury became the first community in the state to be honored as one of America’s Promise 100 Best Communities for Young People, thanks to its dedication to youth. The Township operates more than 200 programs to serve the children within its boundaries.  In 2014, ranked Roxbury No. 42 in its list of 50 Safest Cities in New Jersey.
    We offer smaller class sizes and individual attention along with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities and a range of honors, advanced placement and college-preparatory courses. 
    Are you a new resident of Roxbury? Welcome! Read our At Home in Roxbury brochure. 
    District Strategic Plan

    In 2014, Roxbury competed its five-year strategic plan. To view presentations and information on planning meeting outcomes, click here

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Superintendent's Message

  • January 2016

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Members of the Roxbury Township Community,

    Happy New Year! 

    It is indeed an honor to be named the next Superintendent of Roxbury Township Public Schools. As many of you know, I was appointed as the Acting Superintendent by the Board of Education on January 4th. My contract is currently under review, and I will become your official Superintendent later this month. I would like to offer my sincere appreciation and thanks to the Board of Education for their faith and trust in me to serve as the leader of our district – one that continues to grow, achieve, and surpass expectations. I am extremely optimistic about the bright future of Roxbury Township Public Schools!

    Being appointed to this position is especially precious to me because I am not new to the district. I joined the Roxbury family in 2010, beginning as the Humanities Supervisor before becoming the Assistant Superintendent for the past three and half years. In both positions I was afforded the opportunity to witness firsthand the dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of all departments, grade levels, and buildings. Roxbury School District is truly a special place with a committed Board of Education, dedicated staff and involved community members who sincerely care about our students and work together to inspire and empower all learners and strive towards our goal of “preparing the children of today for tomorrow.”

    There is no job more important than educating the next generation and no career more fulfilling.  s John Dewey states, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Together we can spark curiosity, encourage stamina and determination, inspire an undefeatable spirit, and foster compassion. I look forward to building our collaborative relationship and working hard to furthering the district’s initiatives.  I plan to schedule several ‘sit and chat’ meetings over the course of the next few months to meet with community members and hope you’ll come out to meet me.

    While there are challenges ahead in 2016, I have no doubt that we have the strength and fortitude to overcome them. Together, we will continue to make a difference.

    Yours in Education,

    Loretta Radulic